1. Design safety. First of all, the PACK design concept needs to fully consider safety factors and analyze where the unsafe factors come from in order to effectively prevent them.

According to the analysis of the current safety accidents, 90% are caused during the charging and discharging process. The main cause of the charging and discharging process is the short circuit caused by the heating of the electric core after the thermal runaway. 0.1‰ may be less caused by the storage process, and some are caused by Vibration, impact or water exposure during use is basically caused by a short circuit.

From the perspective of PACK, we need to:

a, electronic and electrical short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge protection;

b, The battery cell connection and fixing method, anti-shock and vibration;

c. Choose a battery with a suitable rate to avoid the calf pulling the cart and increase the heat of the battery;

d. Design a reasonable safety distance between the battery cell brackets to provide a battery heat dissipation path (how to dissipate the heat generated during charging and discharging) or other heat dissipation methods to design the overall idea.

In the accident analysis, there are but very few production plants have safety accidents during production or storage. The main reason is that the safety awareness is well done. The problems that are prone to occur during consumer use are:
a. Improper use of the charger. Use a high-voltage charger to charge a low-voltage lithium battery, such as: a 72V charger to charge a 48V lithium battery. The concept of use needs to be popularized and the method of use can be changed.

b. It is caused by soaking in water during use. Now lithium batteries are generally waterproof IP64 (grade water splashing), better to IP65. If you do not pay attention to storage, soaking in water for a long time will still cause a short circuit in water. Some people say Why not achieve the IP67 rating? Yes, I will talk about the design from the perspective of management and balance if I have the opportunity.

C, With the advent of Internet +, batteries will also enter the era of intelligence, beginning to develop in the direction of interconnection, intelligence, and interaction. Human-computer interaction can be carried out through mobile APP or WeChat applet to change consumer use Habit.

In the process of use, use safety is better to prevent, design safety and manufacturing stability are the major enterprises need to pay attention to.

The rapid development of its lithium batteries in recent years is inseparable from government policies. From an environmental perspective, the entire product chain manufacturing process, the extraction of minerals to positive and negative materials, and the electrolyte process have some pollution but controllable and implemented Centralized management, from the process of making batteries to PACK to use, including charging and discharging, is a pollution-free process. The service life of lithium batteries is 2-3 times that of other types of energy on the market, and the frequency of manufacturing pollution is reduced by 2-3 times. , This is what the government wants to see。

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