1. High temperature exposure is strictly prohibited

The hot climate will not only cause heat stroke, but also heat stroke in electric vehicles. In the hot summer, if the electric car is exposed to the sun, the probability of lithium-ion battery scrap is very high, especially when the battery catches fire at high temperature, it is not uncommon, so be sure to beware of high temperature exposure

2. High temperature charging is not necessary
Many times, after using the device, everyone will charge it directly outdoors. The combination of the hot weather and the heat generated during charging will cause the surface temperature of the power lithium-ion battery to be very high, which will burn the lithium. The protective shell on the surface of the ion battery may even catch fire, so when charging, be sure to charge it in a cool place, and never charge it at high temperatures.

3. The short circuit of the circuit causes the charger to catch fire, which in turn causes the lithium-ion battery to catch fire and explode
Many people have the habit of carrying lithium-ion battery chargers with them. This can deal with the problem of dead equipment, but the problem is that long-term bumps will easily cause the charger’s wiring and components to open and weld, which will lead to short circuits during charging. , Caught fire.

4. Do not charge immediately after use
Due to lack of maintenance knowledge, many people charge the battery immediately after using it up for the next use. In fact, this is not right. The temperature of the device is very high after the device operates in a high temperature state. At this time, if the battery is charged straight at this time, the temperature of the battery will continue to increase, even exceeding the critical point, and eventually spontaneously ignite.

5. Remove the battery and charge
Remove the battery to charge, this method will basically have no problem at normal temperatures, but when it is exposed to high temperatures or summer exposure, this charging method will leave many hidden dangers.

6. Don't use the charger indiscriminately
Electric vehicle batteries all have a certain degree of matching. Different batteries have different matching degrees of chargers. Mixed use can easily cause short circuits or insufficient charging. Not only does it bring huge damage to electric vehicle batteries, but it also lays down hidden dangers for safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to, if the charger is damaged, it must be purchased from a regular supplier.