1. Measure voltage

Measure the battery voltage with a battery meter or multimeter. Under normal circumstances, the no-load voltage of the battery is around 13 volts, the full-load voltage is generally no lower than 12 volts, and the starting voltage should not be lower than 9.5 volts. If the battery voltage is too low, it may be difficult or impossible to start the vehicle.

2. Look at the observation port

At present, more than 80% of maintenance-free batteries have power observation ports. The colors that can be seen at the observation port are generally divided into three types: green, yellow and black. Green represents sufficient power, yellow represents a slight loss of power, and black represents that it is about to be scrapped and needs to be replaced. For details, please refer to the label instructions on the battery.

However, this method is for reference only, and the car owner must comprehensively judge the power situation according to other methods.

3. Instrument test

The battery is tested by a conductivity tester. The working principle of the conductivity tester is to determine the chemical reaction ability by measuring the surface of the electrode plate, and to infer the change of the battery capacity through the change of the electrode plate, so as to determine the health of the battery.

It can conveniently, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold start current of the car's starting battery, the health of the battery itself, and quickly detect common faults in the car's starting system and charging system, which is helpful for maintenance personnel to quickly and accurately determine the location of the car's fault, which is convenient for the car Fast repairs.

4. Look at the appearance

Observe whether there is obvious expansion and deformation or bulging on both sides of the battery.

Observe whether there are some white or green powder-like objects around the battery pile head. In fact, those are the oxides of the battery. Generally, these oxides will not appear easily in good quality or new batteries. Once they appear, it means The performance of the battery is already experiencing problems.

What bad habits can damage the battery?

The service life of a car battery depends on the structure and quality of the battery on the one hand, and on the other hand is closely related to the daily maintenance of the car owner. What habit in daily driving will accelerate the damage of the battery?

1. Turn on the air conditioner when listening to songs without sparking. Many people park their cars and listen to songs on the air conditioner, but in order to save some fuel, they often turn off the engine. Doing so is likely to run out of battery power and eventually fail to start the vehicle, which may cause the battery to be scrapped in the long run.

2. Do not turn off lights or on-board equipment when getting off the car. It is more common to stop and forget to turn off the lights and the car will not start the next day. If other electrical equipment in the car is not turned off, it will also cause a deep battery loss. This has a certain degree of damage to the battery.

3. Do not turn off the air conditioner before turning off the vehicle. This will cause the air conditioner to be turned on along with the car the next time the car is started, which will cause the instantaneous power of the car to be too high and the battery load to be too large, which is a loss of the battery for many times over a long period of time.

4. The vehicle will not be opened for a long time. Since the battery will self-discharge, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, it may cause the battery to run out, and eventually the vehicle cannot be started or the battery may be damaged.

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