AGM type battery uses pure sulfuric acid aqueous solution as electrolyte, and its density is 1.29-1.3lg/cm3. Most of it exists in the glass fiber membrane, while a part of the electrolyte is absorbed inside the electrode plate. In order to provide a channel for the oxygen precipitated from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, it is necessary to keep 10% of the pores of the separator without being occupied by the electrolyte, that is, the lean-liquid design. The pole group adopts a tight assembly method to make the pole plate fully contact the electrolyte. At the same time, in order to ensure the battery has sufficient life, the electrode plate should be designed to be thicker, and the positive grid alloy adopts Pb’-q2w-Srr--A1 quaternary alloy. AGM-type sealed lead batteries have less electrolyte, thicker plates, and lower active material utilization than open-ended batteries, so the discharge capacity of the battery is about 10% lower than that of open-ended batteries. Compared with today's gel-sealed batteries, its discharge capacity is smaller.

The lead-acid batteries have been ruling the vehicle battery category for a long time with literally every vehicle having these batteries. However, as the technologies developed different types of batteries were made and one of the batteries that are gaining a lot of popularity these days is the AGM battery.
It comes with several benefits over the lead-acid batteries which makes it the perfect choice for most cars and other vehicles as well. Sometimes you can be in a case where you are looking to charge the AGM battery. Knowing about the working of the battery may make you question if you can use the regular charger with this battery or not. So, here is all that you need to know in this regard.
AGM Battery
Charging an AGM Battery With a Standard Charger

A standard battery charger is what almost everyone has at their home. These are the chargers that are capable of providing 12 violets for charging the battery and it makes them the best choice for the regular charging of most batteries like car batteries.

However, the real difference in those charges can be noted in the current range of those batteries. So, when it comes to charging the AGM batteries things are not very efficient because of the difference in current. So, you can damage the battery.

How to Charge the AGM Batteries With Your Standard Charger

While the process is risky, if there is no other option then you can follow this process for the charging of your AGM batteries. Make sure to note that any mistake in the process can lead to issues like damaging the battery, injury, fire, and more.

1.Start with checking the initial current for charging. Make sure that it does not exceed the rate of 0.15 C. If your charger comes with a meter, then you can easily see it otherwise you will need an additional meter for checking the current. If the current is more than the value, then you need to use some other charger

2.Make sure that you keep monitoring the charging voltage using a voltmeter throughout the absorption state. The voltage must not be more than 0.2 volts as compared to the optimal absorption voltage for the battery at any cost. Moreover, you should keep disconnecting the charger to prevent overcharging

3.As soon as 4 hours have passed since the battery voltage has exceeded 14 volts you must disconnect the charger

4.Regardless of the charging voltage, you need to disconnect the charger after 20 hours of charging.
By following these steps, you can carefully charge the AGM batteries with your regular charger.

Charging an AGM Battery Deep Cycle Battery

While most people think that charging the AGM batteries is not an easy task, it is not difficult at all when you have the access to the right equipment. When it comes to charging the AGM batteries there are different types of chargers. These chargers are made for the AGM batteries only and they are known as deep cycle chargers or smart chargers.

The chargers are made in a way that they support the right values of current and voltage along with the charging process and time specifically for charging the AGM batteries. Here is how you can charge your AGM batteries with the deep cycle battery chargers.

1.Connect the AGM battery with the deep cycle battery smart charger and start the charging process.

2.Keep monitoring the battery temperature for safer charging.

3.The charging process may take a long but once it is complete you can disconnect the charger from the battery.

Significance of the Charger

It is important to note that all of the AGM batteries are not deep cycle batteries. However, a majority of AGM batteries are deep cycle batteries. So, you need to select the deep cycle battery charger carefully. Moreover, it would be great if you get a charger with reverse pulse technology.

It is the technology that helps reduce the battery temperature when the battery is being charged. As the temperature is one of the most dangerous things for these batteries, getting such a charger will be safe for the batteries. In this way, there will be no need to worry about the charging of AGM batteries whatsoever.
Charging an AGM Battery Car Battery

When it comes to using and charging the AGM batteries, these make a good replacement for the lead-acid batteries for most cars. These batteries are known for not losing their performance in tough weather conditions where the lead-acid batteries usually lose their performance.

However, these batteries are not the 1 for 1 replacement for most cars as the electronics and most importantly the alternator is different. So, you need to be a little careful when charging the AGM batteries as your regular car battery.

The Major Differences That You Need to Care for

When it comes to regular car batteries, their chargers are not designed anywhere near to being intelligent. On the other hand, the AGM batteries require the chargers to be intelligent. The regular chargers have no intelligence on the following things:

The charging voltage

The charging current

Charging control electronics and much more

In addition to these, the charging temperature for the AGM batteries is a critical thing as well. On the other hand, the AGM batteries require intelligent charging. So, the following are some things that you can do while charging AGM batteries with a car battery charger or inside the car battery.

1.Constant monitoring of the charging voltage is necessary

2.Constant monitoring of the charging current is vital for good battery health.

3.You must keep track of the battery temperature at all times while charging.

4.If any of the values get abnormal for the AGM batteries, then it becomes necessary to stop the charging process by disconnecting the charger.

Although smart chargers take not more than 6 hours for charging the AGM batteries, this process may take up to 20 hours. However, if the battery is still not charged you must not proceed with the charging process.

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