The batteries used in mobile phones are generally lithium batteries. There are generally two reasons why we change mobile phones, one is that the battery is stuck, and the other is that the battery is not durable. Today we are going to talk about how to make our mobile phone battery durable.
The mobile phone battery is an energy storage tool that provides power to the mobile phone. It consists of three parts: a battery cell, a protection circuit and a casing. The mobile phone battery generally uses a lithium battery. The service life of the lithium battery can reach more than six years. It has strong high and low temperature adaptability. It can be used in an environment from -20°C to 60°C. For the maintenance of mobile phone batteries, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Don't overcharge or over discharge, just overflow normally
Many mobile phone users have a wrong view about the battery, that the charging time of the newly purchased mobile phone must be more than 12 hours, and the charging must be repeated three times in order to activate the mobile phone. There is no scientific basis for this view, and it is completely copied from nickel batteries. The charging and discharging characteristics of lithium-ion batteries and nickel batteries are very different. Overcharging or over-discharging will cause huge damage to lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, when charging, you must strictly follow the charging standards and do not let the phone charge for a long time. Lithium-ion batteries will stop charging after the battery is overflowing. If the charger is still connected, a discharge-charge cycle mode is likely to occur, which is very harmful to the life of the battery. At present, the voltage at night in China is relatively high and fluctuates greatly, and the lithium-ion battery has a poor ability to withstand fluctuations in charge and discharge, which will bring potential dangers to mobile phone users. Normally overflowing the phone’s power, and not over-charging and discharging will make the phone’s battery more durable.

2. Beware of charging your mobile phone under abnormal temperatures
Generally speaking, it is more suitable to charge a mobile phone at a temperature of about 20°C. For example, Apple has released a set of data. At a temperature of 16°C to 22°C, the mobile phone’s various conditions can achieve the best charging effect. Will be better too. But when the temperature exceeds 30°C or the temperature drops below zero, the performance of the mobile phone will be affected, and the battery charging effect will be poor. Moreover, when the mobile phone is kept below -4℃ to over 42℃ for a long time, the hardware of the mobile phone will be irreversibly damaged. Abnormal temperature has a great impact on the battery life of mobile phones, and mobile phone users should try their best to guard against charging their mobile phones at abnormal temperatures. If the mobile phone wants to be in standby for a long time, it is also best to choose a suitable temperature to keep the battery level above 50%. When charging at normal temperature, the phone battery will be more durable.

3. Regularly check and maintain mobile phone batteries, and troubleshoot problems in time
The mobile phone battery should also be maintained. Although you can't take it out of the phone case to see what's wrong, and you don't know how to repair it, some reliable battery test and repair tools on the Internet can still help you. Using some professional battery performance testing tools can let you discover problems in time. Some newly bought mobile phones have a battery capacity of 2230mAh, but because of a certain area on the battery, except for the problem, its actual capacity is likely to become 3000mAh. You may not realize it in a short time, but when the mobile phone battery is damaged because of this The area affects other places, and when the battery capacity becomes lower, you are at a loss. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of mobile phone batteries, early detection of problems and handling problems can also make mobile phone batteries more durable.