Both overcharge and overdischarge are operating behaviors that exceed the original capacity. The overcharge and overdischarge damage of the lithium iron phosphate battery causes the battery to be damaged and is irreversible. Overcharge can cause lithium dendrites, and overdischarge can cause copper dendrites, which can cause problems such as short circuits and failures of lithium-ion batteries; therefore, lithium-ion batteries should be shallowly filled. At present, in the process of using lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to have a protective circuit to ensure safety. At the same time, lithium iron phosphate battery is one of the batteries with higher safety in lithium ion batteries.

26650 power lithium iron phosphate battery, after discharge for a long time without charging, the voltage is very low. At present, the special charger is connected and the green light is displayed. Taking into account the large internal resistance of long-term discharge, even if the current can rush in, the green light is normal. One lithium iron phosphate died. It can be restored directly with the charger. But the battery pack has a balanced protection panel, will it overflow with electricity?

Handling method
The iron-lithium discharge curve is very straight. It is impossible to judge the electric quantity by voltage. Equalization can only be achieved by fully charging a single unit. The unbalanced discharge after filling, that is, the internal resistance and capacity of the monomer are inconsistent, can only be dealt with by replacing the unit capacity. There is no other choice.

First connect a resistor in series, and then charge it straight from the battery for half an hour, and the protective plate will open. Then charge it from the charging port of the protection board, or find a charging method from the discharge port for half an hour, and you can charge normally.

To charge from the discharge port, pay attention not to reverse the polarity, if the red light is on, it is online. He can also charge with another battery pack, 36/48, resistance 50 euros 100 euros 200 euros, the battery can be charged to more than 30 volts, the resistor near the hand will be very hot, not too hot.

If not, consider replacing it.

In fact, don't wait until there is a problem with the battery. If you want to deal with it again, it is important to pay attention to battery maintenance during the working day.