Recently, foreign media reported that Tesla plans to cooperate with French renewable energy company Neoen to increase the installed capacity of its lithium battery energy storage system in Australia by 50%, which is expected to reach 150MW after the increase.

It is reported that the biggest purpose of Tesla's increase in the production capacity of the battery plant in South Australia is to improve the stability of the grid and reduce the cost of electricity.

According to news, Tesla's South Australia plant began operations two years ago, mainly producing 100 MW / 129 MWh power battery systems, and has saved consumers about 34 million U.S. dollars (approximately RMB 2.39) in the first year of operation. 100 million).

Statistics show that in South Australia, energy shortage is an extremely serious problem. The establishment of the Hornsdale power reserve station is also a countermeasure to help alleviate the energy dilemma in South Australia.

Tesla reached a cooperation agreement with South Australia when there were repeated power outages in South Australia last year. Since then, this electronic storage station with a capacity of 129MWh and an output power of up to 100MW has become the world's largest lithium battery storage station. .

It is worth noting that regarding the implementation of the Australian energy storage project, Neoen emphasized in a statement that the project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020.

In fact, since the launch of the first Power Wall in 2015, Tesla has officially become the first company to produce well-designed energy storage systems for residential users. In the past two years, it has increased the layout of energy storage batteries in the global market. From 2018 to 2019 alone, Tesla has deployed more than 6 energy storage projects one after another.

In February 2018, Tesla teamed up with Squaw Valley and Liberty Utilities to deploy an 8MW battery energy storage system in the Olympic Valley, using 100% renewable energy.

In June, approximately 11,000 energy storage projects are planned in Puerto Rico. Previously, hundreds of energy storage projects have been completed in Puerto Rico.

In July, Tesla reached a cooperation with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in California, USA, to produce a giant battery system with a capacity of up to 1.1 GWh for the latter. This project is the largest scale Tesla has started since 2015.

In November, Tesla planned to install 1,100 battery energy storage devices in South Australia to support the South Australian government's $200 million household battery energy storage construction.

In November, Tesla and three other companies planned to complete a 2.2GWh energy storage project in California, USA, to replace three natural gas plants. Among them, Tesla is responsible for 182.5MW/730MWh, with a final capacity of 1.1GWh. .

In June 2019, the 25MW/50MWh battery energy storage system will be deployed simultaneously with the 60MW Gannawarra solar farm in Cran, Victoria. The battery energy storage system belongs to Edify Energy and its partner Wirsol, and Wirsol is responsible for the development of the project.