RV/Boat/Golf Cart/Camping Lithium Batteries

1. Use full-capacity, brand A-grade batteries, and the capacity is not false.
2.6000 cycle life, 80%DOD.
3. Provide 3-year warranty and professional electrical engineer online service.
4. The product can reach IP65 waterproof level.
5. A maximum of 4 can be connected in series, 12V-24V-36V-48V.
6. A maximum of 4 units can be connected in parallel, 100Ah~1200Ah (1.28kwh~15.36kwh).
7. Can provide customized services, logo/display/smart bluetooth/WiFi/heating sheet, etc.
Welcome wholesalers/agents to consult! ! !
Our advantage:
✅Guoxuan Technology's only battery agent in South China
✅Manufacturer with ISO9000 certification
✅5 Years Warranty
✅ODM BMS, using high-quality electronic components, long life and less after-sales problems.
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