1. The lithium battery pack cannot be charged.

The lithium battery pack in a pure electric vehicle cannot be charged when the battery is charging. The reasons can be divided into: wrong charging head or common failure of charging head; rain shield maintenance or lithium battery protection board invalid; lithium battery pack and high-power electrical appliances Short circuit outside.

After solving the safety hazards, we searched successively: Is the charging head connected incorrectly, whether the positive and negative power plugs of the lithium battery pack are connected incorrectly; eliminate the maintenance of the lithium battery protection board of household appliances, restart the MOS tube, and accurately Measure whether the MOS tube has the operating voltage of the driver; check whether the wiring is broken.

2. Lithium batteries cannot be discharged.

The lithium battery pack in a pure electric vehicle cannot be charged and discharged normally during application. The reasons are as follows: the working voltage of the lithium battery pack is low; the rain shield or the control board is maintained; the rain shield or the control board is damaged; positive and negative charge and discharge Wrong connection; the line is disconnected or the power switch is not turned on.
lithium battery

In view of the poor situation, it is possible to adopt countermeasures such as charging the batteries of the lithium battery pack, looking for thermal insulation boards or route connections.

3. Lithium battery is not fully charged

When the lithium battery pack of pure electric vehicle is used in the circulatory system, the battery is not charged when the lithium battery pack is disconnected. The charging of the battery is terminated when the working voltage is disconnected. This is due to the inconsistent power consumption or volume of a single string of lithium battery packs. If the power consumption is large or small, the lithium battery protection board is used to maintain the battery after charging, so that other strings of rechargeable batteries terminate the entire battery charging process before they are full.

Under such conditions, the balance charging head can be used to charge the lithium battery pack to keep the working voltage of each string consistent. If the volume is very different, it is necessary to replace the rechargeable battery with a large difference. But the key thing is to carry out volume inspection and matching of lithium batteries before assembling lithium batteries, otherwise the inconvenience of serial connection and disassembly will occur.

Fourth, the battery life is short.

Lithium battery packs in pure electric vehicles will quickly release current when used. The reasons are: rechargeable batteries are not filled; the working voltage volume of a single string varies greatly; the lithium battery pack has a micro-short circuit failure or the lithium battery pack self-releases current. Large, causing the lithium battery pack to run out as soon as it is fully charged. Regarding the above-mentioned poor rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries can be recharged or replaced with poor rechargeable batteries.
5. The voltage of the lithium battery is unstable.

The lithium battery packs of pure electric vehicles are all composed of several lithium batteries in series and parallel, and the consistency of lithium batteries is very high. Although the manufacturers of lithium battery packs have done the matching of lithium batteries, due to the error of the rechargeable battery, lithium The long-term application of the battery pack will cause the working voltage of each string of rechargeable batteries to be inconsistent, which will cause the entire set of kinetic energy output to the lithium battery pack to decrease, and then suddenly turn off the power during the application, the schedule will drop sharply, and the charging will not be possible. Satisfied with electricity, unable to charge the battery and other problems.

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