There are three key packaging types for lithium batteries: cylindrical, square and soft. Various packaging structures exhibit different characteristics, and have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of the three packaging types of lithium batteries.

The first type of lithium battery packaging: cylindrical lithium battery.

Cylindrical lithium batteries can be divided into lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium cobalt batteries, lithium ammonium sulfate batteries, lithium phosphate batteries, cobalt manganese batteries and three-dimensional materials. The key characteristics of Li-Fe-P rechargeable batteries at this stage are: large volume, high output voltage, good battery charging cycle time, stable output voltage, large battery charging current, stable catalytic oxidation characteristics, high operating temperature, and environmental protection. Used for solar street lights, lawn lights, energy storage devices, pneumatic tools, toy models, etc.

The standard cylindrical battery consists of a cover, a valve, a switch power supply component, a sealing ring, a positive phase, a negative phase, a protective film and a casing.

In 1992, Sony Corporation of Japan developed and designed the first cylindrical lithium battery. Because the 18650 columnar lithium battery has a long history, the sales market penetration rate is relatively high. There are 14650, 17490, 18650, 21700, 26650 and other types of cylindrical lithium batteries.

The second type of lithium battery packaging: square lithium battery.

Square lithium batteries generally refer to aluminum shell batteries or steel shell rechargeable batteries, and the popularity of square lithium batteries is relatively high in China. In recent years, with the popularization of power lithium batteries, the difference between mileage and output power has become increasingly significant. Most of my country’s power lithium battery manufacturers choose to charge high-efficiency aluminum shell square batteries. Due to the simple structure of the square battery, it is different from the gas pressure thick steel plate of the high anti-explosion oil circuit board like the shell, so the overall components are light. High characteristics. The square battery uses two different production and processing methods: loop and winding.

As everyone knows, because square lithium batteries can be customized according to product specifications, there are many types of specifications and models sold in the sales market, but because of the large specifications and models, the production process cannot be unified. The application of grid rechargeable batteries in general electronic products is not a problem, but for a variety of serial communication or serial communication industrial equipment products, it is best to choose the standardized production and manufacture of cylindrical lithium batteries to ensure the smooth development of the processing process. Conveniently find removable and replaceable rechargeable batteries.

The third type of lithium battery packaging: soft pack lithium battery.

The soft pack lithium battery is a polymer shell of the liquid lithium battery. The difference between the soft pack lithium battery and other rechargeable batteries depends on the soft pack plastic material (composite plastic packaging products). The raw materials of plastic packaging products are generally divided into three layers, namely, the outer resistance layer (usually the thickness of the surface protective layer made of polyester or polyester), the infiltration layer (inner platinum) and the inner layer (high-precision layer).