Lithium battery customization is the customization of machinery and equipment with unique requirements for lithium batteries. At this stage, lithium batteries have been used in various fields. Like everyone, lithium battery products used in daily life do not need to be customized. What must be customized is industrial production. Grade lithium battery. Nowadays, the market price of lithium battery terminal equipment is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries. Lithium battery is one of the key technologies of pure electric vehicles, and its price has a direct impact on the market price of pure electric vehicles.

Why customize lithium battery?

1. Customized lithium batteries can choose different batteries according to their own needs, different lithium batteries, battery performance, service life, safety factors, these are very different.

2. The range of working voltage that the customized lithium battery equipment can bear. The customized lithium battery can arrange the working voltage by itself, and can be proficient in the working voltage of the customized lithium battery to ensure the working voltage value that the customized lithium battery device can bear.

3. According to customer requirements, the characteristics, volume, function and other characteristics of lithium batteries can be changed on the basis of the primary battery reaction to meet customer needs and different requirements for rechargeable batteries.
Advantages and disadvantages of customized lithium batteries:

First, advantages.

1. It has large volume and high working standard voltage;

2. It has the characteristics of resistance to short circuit failure, resistance to overcharge, loss of electricity, resistance to shock, vibration, gunshot, needle stick, no fire, no explosion, etc.;

3. There is no problem of battery leakage, there is no liquid electrolyte in the rechargeable battery, and the gel solid is used;

4. The safety factor is high. Customized lithium battery manufacturers will improve the protective measures of customized lithium batteries in accordance with customers' application of natural environment or other regulations of lithium battery equipment.
Lithium Battery

Second, disadvantages.

1. It is expensive;

2. There must be safeguards, overcharge protection and overdischarge protection;

3. It is not possible to charge and discharge with a large current, the internal resistance is relatively large, and the general charge and discharge are below:
Risk of discharge short-circuit failure.
The customized lithium battery has superior characteristics, larger capacity, longer use time, and more reasonable price, so it has been recognized and loved by many customers. At present, the rechargeable batteries on the market are unified standard products made by manufacturers based on the characteristics of raw materials. They are all fixed and fixed main parameters, and the main parameters are not necessarily consistent with the equipment used in their own applications. There are many inconvenience factors such as lack of selectivity. , If there is no alternative, etc. Therefore, customized lithium batteries can do everything possible to consider all requirements within the scope of user needs, and truly complete cost-effective products that meet user needs.

The advantages of customized lithium battery manufacturers are becoming more and more prominent. The most important thing depends on coordination ability and high efficiency. If lithium battery customized manufacturers want to have advantages in lithium battery customization, the first is coordination ability. Technical engineers of rechargeable battery design solutions must be flexible. You don’t need to be limited to only one type of lithium battery product. According to the requirements of the rechargeable battery technical engineers of other lithium battery custom manufacturers to make the rechargeable battery products more necessary for customers, but the high efficiency must be high, or you will lose one if you are not careful. Good battery customers, so high efficiency and coordination are critical.

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