The 26650 lithium battery refers to a cylindrical steel shell lithium battery cell with a diameter of 26 mm and a height of 65 mm. It is the same type of rechargeable battery as the 18650 lithium battery, and its knowledge level is different.

The service life of 26650 lithium battery is generally 300-500 battery charging cycle time. Assuming that the output power shown by complete charging and discharging is 1Q, if the output power reduction after each battery charging cycle system is not taken into account, the lithium battery can show or fill the output power of 300Q-500Q during its service life. Therefore, if you use 1/2 charge each time, you can charge 600-1000 times; if you use 1/3 charge each time, you can charge 900-1500 times. By analogy, if the charging standard is arbitrary, the frequency is uncertain.

In fact, shallow charging and discharging shallow battery charging is more beneficial to lithium batteries. Commodity switching power supplies must be charged with deep charge and discharge batteries only when they are calibrated for lithium batteries. Therefore, products that use lithium as the driving force do not need to be limited to the processing technology, everything is convenient, and the battery can be charged anytime, anywhere, without worrying about jeopardizing the service life.

All in all, no matter how it is charged, the total output power of 300Q-500Q is stable. Therefore, everyone can also understand that the service life of a lithium battery is related to the total battery charging capacity of the rechargeable battery, and is not related to the battery charging frequency. There is not much difference between deep charge and discharge and shallow charge and discharge on the life of lithium batteries.

What are the issues that must be paid attention to when using 26650 lithium batteries?

1. Prevent the battery from being charged when the temperature is too low.

If the lithium battery is used in an ultra-low temperature natural environment, that is, below 4°C, the use time of the 26650 lithium battery will also be reduced. The original lithium battery on some mobile phones cannot be charged even in a low-temperature natural environment. But don't worry too much, this is only a temporary situation, which is different from the application in a high-temperature natural environment. Once the temperature rises, the molecular structure in the rechargeable battery will be heated and immediately restored to the previous output power.
26650 lithium battery
2. Prevent the battery from being over-temperature charged.

If the 26650 lithium battery is used in a natural environment above the required operating temperature, that is, above 35°C, the battery power will continue to decrease, that is, the power supply system time of the rechargeable battery will not be as long as usual. If the machine and equipment must be charged at that temperature, the damage to the rechargeable battery will be even greater. Even if the rechargeable battery is stored in a high-temperature natural environment, it is difficult to avoid the relative harm to the quality of the rechargeable battery. Therefore, maintaining a stable operating temperature as much as possible is a good way to increase the life of lithium batteries.

3. Frequently used

To make full use of the greater high efficiency of the 26650 lithium battery, it must be used frequently, so that the electronic devices in the lithium battery are in a fluid state from beginning to end. If you don't use lithium batteries often, please remember to charge the lithium batteries for a battery charge cycle every month, and do a power calibration, that is, deep charge and discharge and deep battery charge.