1. The battery cannot be exhausted

The electric vehicle battery is not too full when you buy a new battery. As a consumable store, you will often charge and maintain the new battery, unless you buy an old battery or a defective battery. In the process of using, we can roughly estimate the operating distance based on the dashboard, so as not to encounter the difficulties of power-off carts.

Generally speaking, when the electric vehicle power display has reached the final grid time, it is necessary to prepare for charging. If the final trace of electricity is exhausted, the battery life is easily damaged. Many people are accustomed to exhausting all the electricity before recharging, but this will cause the battery to be over-discharged, and the life will often be less than half a year.

Second, day-to-day charging is safer

Newly purchased electric vehicles should be filled with batteries when they are first charged, but overcharging and overcharging are completely different. Electric vehicles have relatively standard indicator lights, and stores will give different suggestions for batteries of different styles and standards.

At the same time, it is simple to control the charging time during daytime charging, and it is easier to guard against safety issues such as fires caused by the battery.

3. How long is the new battery charging time appropriate?

Regarding how much the initial charging time should be controlled, everyone has been uncertain. Most people refer to the mobile phone charging time, but electric car batteries are completely different from mobile phone batteries. The most commonly used electric car batteries are lead-acid batteries, while batteries are common. They are all fully charged and leave the factory.

Due to the reason of the sale period, there is a certain storage time, which will make the battery have a certain self-discharge. Generally, it is recommended that after purchasing a new battery, the customer uses the on-board charger to charge the battery to the green light, and then extend it for another 2 hours. This allows electric vehicle batteries to undergo a relatively complete chemical reaction to ensure that customers get the best mileage requirements.

Fourth, pay attention to the charger when charging a new car

For newly-purchased batteries, you must pay attention to the use of qualified chargers that match the batteries. A good charger plus standard charging methods will make the battery capacity reach its peak during two to three months of use.

Insufficient or unmatched chargers can easily cause the battery to be overcharged or undercharged, and the battery will show phenomena such as capacity decay and excessive water loss.

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