Pay attention to the choice of charger

The maintenance-free sealed battery used in the UPS power supply battery cannot be recharged with a SCR-type fast charger. This is because this kind of charger will form an elegant charging state where the battery is in both over-current charging and over-voltage charging at the same time.

Reduce deep discharge

The service life of a UPS battery is closely related to the depth to which it is discharged. The lighter the load carried by the UPS power supply, the greater the ratio of the available capacity of the storage battery to its rated capacity when the mains power supply is interrupted. In this case, when the UPS power supply automatically shuts down due to low battery voltage, the battery is shut down. The depth of discharge is relatively deep.

Use peak power to charge

Regarding UPS battery users who have been in low-voltage power supply or frequent power outages for a long time, in order to guard against premature damage due to long-term insufficient charging, they should make full use of the peak power supply (such as late at night) to charge the battery to ensure that the battery is discharged every time There is enough charging time afterwards.

The connections between UPS batteries, between battery packs, and between battery packs and DC screens should be reasonable and convenient, and the voltage drop should be as small as possible. Storage batteries of different capacities and different performances cannot be mixed.

It can be seen that the correct use and maintenance of UPS batteries is one of the key elements to prolong the life of the battery pack and reduce the total dissuade rate of UPS power. At present, most UPS batteries have operational performance such as communication with microcomputers and program control, and generally have functions such as information query, parameter setting, on-time setting, automatic shutdown and alarm.

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