According to German media reports, starting from the 26th, anyone who wants to use solar energy to charge electric vehicles at home in the future can apply for a new state subsidy provided by KfW (KfW).

According to reports, private charging stations that use solar power directly from rooftops can provide a green way to charge electric vehicles. The combination of charging stations, photovoltaic power generation systems and solar energy storage systems makes this possible. KfW is now providing subsidies of up to 10,200 euros for the purchase and installation of these equipment, with the total subsidy not exceeding 500 million euros. If the maximum subsidy is paid, approximately 50,000 electric vehicle owners will benefit.
The report pointed out that applicants need to meet the following conditions. First, it must be an owned residential home; condos, vacation homes and new buildings still under construction are not eligible. The electric car must also already be available, or at least ordered. Hybrid cars and company and business cars are not covered by this subsidy. In addition, the amount of the subsidy is also related to the type of installation.
Thomas Grigoleit, energy expert at the German Federal Trade and Investment Agency, said that the new solar charging pile subsidy scheme coincides with KfW’s attractive and sustainable funding tradition, which will certainly contribute to the successful promotion of electric vehicles. important contribution.
The German Federal Trade and Investment Agency is the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the German federal government. The agency provides consulting and support to foreign companies entering the German market and assists companies established in Germany to enter foreign markets.