Several key factors affect the cycle characteristics of lithium-ion batteries:

First, the environmental humidity.

Too much water can cause adverse reactions of positive and negative active substances, destroy their structure, and harm the circulatory system. In addition, too much water is not good for the production of SEI film, but despite the trace elements of water It is difficult to remove, but trace element water can ensure the characteristics of lithium batteries to a certain level.
Lithium iron  Battery
Second, positive and negative stage compaction.

The positive and negative density is too high, although it can increase the specific energy of the lithium battery, it will also reduce the cyclic system characteristics of the raw material to a certain level. The analysis of the basic theory believes that the higher the density, the damage to the structure of the raw material The larger, and the structure of the raw materials is also the basis to ensure the application of the lithium battery recyclable system.
The third is the objective cause test.

External factors such as: battery charging rate, cut-off voltage, battery charging current capacity during detection, overcharge and loss of power during detection, room temperature detection, sudden termination during detection, internal resistance of the test case and the touch of the lithium battery cell, etc. , All of which will more or less harm the circulatory system function test results,

Fourth, there are too many negative levels.

In addition to the first (second) irreversible volume and the higher relative density of the coating, the reason for too much negative grade is also taking into account the hazards of the characteristics of the circulatory system. For lithium cobalt oxide batteries, the high-purity graphite system software is added, and the negative grade is It is more common for high-purity graphite to become the "weak point" in the whole process of the circulatory system. If the negative grade is too much and insufficient, the lithium battery cell is likely to not carry out lithium extraction before the circulatory system, but after countless times in the circulatory system, the positive The optical rotation structure has undergone a very big change, and it is impossible to completely accept the lithium iron phosphate produced by the positive stage, and then carry out the lithium precipitation, resulting in a premature reduction of the volume.

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