The lithium battery market is rising rapidly due to increased consumer demand for electric vehicles. Nouryon recently started delivering the first shipments of AkuPure™, a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) specifically for lithium batteries. AkuPure meets the ultra-high purity requirements of lithium batteries for raw materials (greater than 99.5%), and can be used to improve the production process of battery anode coatings and improve battery efficiency by more effectively retaining and delivering electrical energy.

Geert-Jan Beijering, product director of Nouryon, pointed out that customers in the lithium battery market need ultra-pure CMC, and impurities in CMC will affect the performance and production efficiency of the battery itself. Fast speed and low insoluble content. Most important to customers in this field is the ability to charge and discharge frequently over a wide range of temperature conditions without loss of performance.

Larry Ryan, executive vice president of Nouryon's high-performance solutions business, said: "Our R&D team has put in a lot of effort to develop the version of AkuPure, and now is the right time to bring this technology to the market. The market demand for lithium batteries continues to rise, and at the same time battery manufacturers are also trying to find CMCs that can meet the industry's stringent requirements, so we have introduced more advanced solutions.

China is one of the important promoters of the global electric vehicle market. The first batch of AkuPure products delivered by Nouryon are tailored for Chinese customers and will be supplied to the Chinese market one after another. We are honored that Nouryon's CMC can now contribute to the development of the electric vehicle industry, and look forward to Nouryon becoming a trusted supplier in our country's market. Geert-Jan Beijering added further.