Global energy storage is ushering in explosive growth opportunities.

The core logic of the huge market growth is: 1) Under the background of carbon neutrality, the demand for grid-connected energy storage supporting renewable energy has exploded; 2) The overseas market demand for power energy storage continues to be strong, and the export ratio has increased; 3) 5G base station construction Accelerate the improvement of the lithium battery market space.

It is worth noting that the energy storage battery technology is developing in the direction of large cells, square + iron-lithium, high safety, low cost, and long life. On the upstream material side, how to meet the needs of energy storage batteries has become the focus of the industry.

From the perspective of the technical route of energy storage cells, on the one hand, the proportion of renewable energy in the power system is gradually increasing, and long-term energy storage is an inevitable choice in the carbon neutral era. On the other hand, the frequent layout of giants in the field of energy storage shows that large batteries are becoming one of the future development directions.

At the same time, in the future, lithium iron phosphate and ternary product routes will still coexist and complement each other, but from the perspective of industrial path dependence and safety, the mainstream route of power storage lithium batteries is still square + iron in the short and medium term. lithium.

From the perspective of cost, the energy storage industry chain is mainly composed of battery cells + PCS + BMS + EMS, among which the cost of battery cells accounts for 67%, which is the key to reducing the cost of energy storage systems.

In general, two major trends in the energy storage industry chain are clear: 1. High gross profit attracts overseas companies to become a battleground for military strategists, and each link accelerates the expansion of overseas markets; 2. High safety, low cost, and long life are the development of energy storage technology The trend is to reduce costs and improve efficiency to promote the development of energy storage, and the competitive landscape is gradually optimized.

From 2020 to 2021, the share of wet diaphragms in energy storage applications is higher than that of dry films, and it is expected that the share of dry films will increase in 2022 to 2024. The energy storage dry application covers 12-25 microns, the base film porosity is between 37% and 43%, and individual products require 35%.

For separator solutions for large-capacity energy storage batteries, Zhongxing New Materials can provide single-layer/double-layer/multi-layer base films (12μm ~ 25μm) in terms of PP uniaxially stretched base films.

At present, the market demand for thin diaphragm products is becoming more and more obvious. The company's 12/14/16μm product has an average monthly shipment of more than 10 million square meters; 10μm base film has entered customer cell evaluation; can provide 1 meter wide The finished film is matched with a wide cell (no wavy edge, no vertical edge, horizontal Cpk>1.33); the longest can be provided for 6000 meters, reducing the frequency of changing the roll of the cell preparation.

At the same time, as the dry diaphragm becomes thinner and thinner in the future, in the process of thinning, the dry diaphragm also has some unsolvable defects, including easy tearing and so on. Therefore, dry method + coating is also the development direction of the separator in the future.

The company has forward-looking layout of water-based coating, oil-based coating technology reserves. Among them, the polymer microsphere water-based coating products developed based on the polymer coating pore-making technology have been sent to customers for pilot testing.

In addition, for the next generation of batteries, the semi-solid battery aramid base film developed by the company has the advantages of thinness, high porosity, super heat resistance, good wettability, flame retardancy, controllable cost, and worry-free patent. 811 system 20Ah soft pack Acupuncture pass rate is 100%.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation of dry-process diaphragms, Zhongxing New Materials pays attention to the research on the pore structure of dry-process diaphragms. For the regulation of the pore structure of single/double-layer membranes, straight through holes (low internal resistance), tortuous holes (high safety), and ultra-small holes can be realized. (anti-breakdown); multi-layer co-extruded film pore structure regulation, which can achieve both rigidity and flexibility (wrinkle resistance), outer dense and inner sparse (safety + liquid retention), and round holes (tear resistance).