1. The Ni-MH battery must be fully discharged (charging on an empty stomach) when it is just bought. It generally takes about 3-5 times to measure whether the battery capacity of the Ni-MH battery is normal. is fully activated.

2. The charging time must be strictly controlled according to the time on the manual (there is no so-called rushing 10-24 hours), if it tells you that it is 8 hours, just charge it for 8 hours (the time is controlled within the range of 1 hour), beyond this The range can seriously degrade the electric particle performance of the battery.

3. Ni-MH batteries actually have memory, so it is best to charge them on an empty stomach every time.

4. If you buy 4 batteries at a time, and the camera uses 2 batteries at a time, you must use them in groups (for example: 1 and 2 together / 3 and 4 together), so as to avoid charging batteries of different capacities together.

5. Batteries with different power and different capacities cannot be charged together.

6. Try not to use batteries and chargers of different brands together.

7. The battery cannot be bumped or dropped on the ground, which will reduce the efficiency of the battery.

8. The battery cannot be put together with metal objects (keys) to avoid short circuit.

9. When not in use for a long time, the battery must be fully charged, and it can be fully charged the next time it is used.

10. When using in winter, try to spare more than three times the number of batteries used by your camera to prevent the battery from running low due to weather (recommended temperature -17 degrees).