1. Li-ion batteries can be charged with solar chargers

1. The power supplied by the solar panel is a ‘current limited’ power source. The maximum charging power of the solar panel to the lithium-ion battery is achieved by: when the total current required for charging the system and the battery exceeds the output current capacity of the solar panel, the system bus voltage near the MPP must be adjusted by reducing the charging current. Regarding the design of a reliable solar panel power supply system, the key element is the system power and battery charging power control architecture.

2. Solar energy is the most attractive energy source for powering portable devices. However, the power supplied by solar panels is highly dependent on the working environment, including factors such as light source density, lighting time and location. Therefore, batteries are often used as energy storage units. The battery is charged when the power of the solar panel is surplus, and when the power supplied by the solar panel is insufficient, the battery can supply power to the system. The battery charging system requires matching the characteristics of the solar cell in order to obtain the maximum power from the solar cell more effectively.

3. The core components of the solar charger are composed of solar cells and solar charge controllers. The photosensitivity of solar cells is generally the entire visible light, whether it is daylight or light. In fact, solar cell is just a common name for this device. The exact name during this period should be "photosensitive cell" or "photocell". According to the manufacturing material, it is divided into silicon photovoltaic cell and selenium photovoltaic cell. The principle is the photoelectric effect. The reason why it is called a photovoltaic cell means that the device will generate electrical energy under light conditions.

Second, the advantages of solar chargers

1. The solar charger does not need an AC power source in the sun, and directly converts sunlight energy into DC electricity. Mobile phones, digital cameras, power banks, mp3 and other small appliances can be charged anytime and anywhere. It is an indispensable companion for those who like to travel, those who travel frequently, outdoor sportsmen, and business workers.

2. The solar charger is a high-efficiency solar battery with a built-in energy storage lithium-ion battery, which can be used in emergency when it is fully charged when it is idle. Suitable for many types of mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Completely eliminate the worries of power shortage, power outage, and occasionally running out of battery in outdoor activities.

3. The solar charger charges quickly. When there is no electricity, the mobile phone can be charged after 3 minutes of sunlight, and the mobile phone can be charged while the solar battery is being charged by the sun.

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