On February 21, Gotion Hi-Tech obtained the qualification certification of Volkswagen Group's battery testing laboratory. This means that Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been recognized by international car companies in terms of testing and verification capabilities, and has officially entered the global technology management system.

From the perspective of power battery management, battery testing is of great significance. For car companies, the evaluation process of battery testing is a key link before power batteries are loaded into vehicles; for battery manufacturers, battery testing from the perspective of application is an important reference for the iterative progress of power batteries.

Since the launch of the Gotion and Volkswagen battery testing laboratory certification project, the two parties have continued to improve more than 300 nodes in multiple dimensions such as failure analysis, test management, laboratory safety, sample management, and personnel management.

Dr. Zhou Fu, vice president of Gotion Engineering Research Institute, said that the success of this certification marks that Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been recognized for its testing and verification capabilities and has officially entered the world's leading technology management system.

"We know that the battery verification test is very complicated, and different customers have different battery cell requirements and sample stages. It is even more difficult to realize so many testing services in one verification center." German Volkswagen in charge of reviewing Guoxuan The person in charge, Dr. Westerhoff, said, "This needs to rely on a strong battery management system, quality management system and management support."

He believes that the Gotion verification center has already possessed excellent strength in terms of equipment, process and team. Behind the acquisition of battery testing qualifications, the two parties have reached a basic consensus on all aspects of performance standards for power batteries, which has increasingly become one of the "entry thresholds" for establishing a cooperative relationship with the Volkswagen Group.

In the process of responding to a series of high requirements from Gotion car companies, Gotion has changed from a production manufacturer to a management participant. Behind the role change is that Chinese battery companies are actively and proactively participating in the competition in the global power market.

As an international first-tier car company, Volkswagen Group has put forward requirements higher than the global industry standards in terms of power battery reliability verification, test cycle, test environment and innovative test methods. In the cooperation between Volkswagen Group and various battery manufacturers, "battery cell testing laboratory" is also frequently mentioned. It can be seen that the Volkswagen Group is externalizing the emphasis on battery performance in terms of consistency and other aspects into "qualification".

Gotion made great efforts to obtain the qualification of battery testing in the early stage of cooperation with Volkswagen. In recent years, Guoxuan High-tech Verification Engineering Institute has been committed to the verification and development of Volkswagen standard batteries, and at the same time provides Volkswagen Group with verification and testing cooperation support for global projects.

Gotion Verification Engineering Institute covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. At present, four verification bases have been built in Hefei Xinzhan, Baohe, Lujiang, and Shanghai Jiading. It has battery material and component testing, battery testing, system testing, safety and reliability testing, etc. The four major test platforms can realize full-scale and full-life cycle verification test analysis from battery raw materials to battery systems.

As early as 2015, Gotion's cell testing laboratory was accredited by CNAS, and in recent years, it has also been accredited by professional institutions at home and abroad such as TÜV, CSA, and CCS.

It is reported that in the past few years, the cooperation between Gotion and Volkswagen Group has become more and more close. The company has obtained the official mass production of Volkswagen standard batteries. The related products will be used on the customer's largest new energy platform to support Volkswagen's next-generation mass-produced new energy models. Available from 2023.

Gotion will have the opportunity to further in-depth cooperation with Volkswagen in the future after obtaining the qualification of Volkswagen Group's battery testing laboratory. In addition, the experience gained in the process of cooperating with such international car companies will have the opportunity to be fully reused when Guoxuan develops and deals with more international downstream customers.