From 1st to 3rd December 2022, at the IEAE exhibition and conference in Ho Chi Minh City, everything revolves around how to promote the development of renewable energy in Vietnam - Junlee battery is there! The Vietnam Energy 2022 conference will bring together key stakeholders in Vietnam's energy sector, from government ministries and regulators to gas companies that supply fuel to grid-connected plants, to independent power producers, distribution companies and those responsible for promoting renewable energy and Agency for the development of off-grid solutions.


Adhering to the motto of "creating the best solution Lithium battery for customers that is more stable, durable and efficient", Junlee shows how to increase flexibility, efficiency, leeway and usability through application-specific and industry-specific solutions!


In the indoor area of Vietnam Energy Exhibition, Junlee exhibited #lithium products | For example, JL-48V100Ah 丨 JL-51.2-105 丨 PW-48100 丨 PW51.2-105 served more than 300+ customers.



The Junlee booth was quite eye-catching, with live demos of actual batteries both wall-mounted and rack-mounted! Namely 51.2V105Ah 5.3Kwh black rack mount battery and wall mount battery, providing ultimate clean and reliable energy for Vietnam market. Investing in solar power is smart; Junlee lithium batteries provide safe, clean and high-power energy solutions for all types of renewable energy systems.



Junlee battery is a safe and high quality predecessor. All 48-volt LiFePo4 batteries designed by Junlee meet and exceed all safety requirements for energy storage systems. At the battery level, our systems have successfully passed explosion, crush, puncture, drop and shock tests. Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology operates over a wider temperature range for the most reliable performance. LFP has proven to be one of the safest lithium technologies in the industry and is manufactured to the highest standards.       

 Junlee battery draws a successful conclusion to the appearance of the exhibition. Behind this are more than 10 engineering and technical service experts who work day and night to provide customers with first-class and high-availability services for the benefit of customers.


This year, around 100 energy solution providers from 21 countries and the prestigious Vietnam Energy Conference showcased their latest products. Energy Vietnam 2022 is international in nature, bringing together energy equipment manufacturers, distributors, procurement professionals, dealers and regulators to discuss accelerating sustainable energy supply in Southeast Asia.

Junlee is very satisfied with the results of Vietnam Energy Exhibition 2022! See you next year! Thanks!