What is the number of life cycles of a lithium battery?

According to the quality of the rechargeable battery and the material of the lithium battery, the number of life cycles of the lithium ion battery is determined:

1. The ternary material lithium-ion battery can be cycled about 800 times.

2. The cycle frequency of lithium iron phosphate battery is about 2500 times.

3. The frequency of the rechargeable battery cycle system is different from that of the counterfeit rechargeable battery. The counterfeit rechargeable battery is designed and manufactured according to the rechargeable battery manufacturer’s manual for the cycle system frequency. The frequency of the counterfeit rechargeable battery cycle system is sometimes not easy. Appears within 50 times on the side.

The basic theoretical service life of the ternary lithium battery is about 800 cycles, which is in the middle of the commercial rechargeable lithium battery. The lithium iron phosphate battery has about 2,000 cycles, and the lithium titanate can complete 10,000 cycles. Today’s popular manufacturers of lithium batteries have more than 500 service commitments in their ternary cell specifications, but after the lithium battery cells are assembled into a lithium battery pack, due to consistency problems, it is very important to work The voltage and internal resistance cannot be exactly the same, and the service life of the circulatory system is about 400 times.

Under normal circumstances, the cycle frequency of the ternary lithium battery is around 500~1000 times. Assuming that the new energy vehicle travels 300km in a detailed cycle system, it also means that after 150,000 to 300,000 kilometers, the rechargeable battery The frequency of the circulatory system will be exhausted.

There are many factors that endanger the service life of the lithium battery's circulatory system, but the direct reason is that the total number of lithium iron phosphate participating in the kinetic energy transmission continues to decrease. It must be emphasized that the total output of lithium in rechargeable batteries has not decreased, but less and less lithium iron phosphate has been activated. They are restricted to other places or in the safe passage of themed activities, and they cannot participate in the circulatory system at will. process. Therefore, everyone only needs to figure out the trend of lithium iron phosphate that should participate in the oxidation-reduction reaction, and then the principle of volume reduction can be understood, and certain effective measures can be taken purposefully to reduce the volume of lithium batteries. Decrease the development trend and increase the service life of its circulatory system.

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