There are many types of lithium batteries, such as power-type lithium batteries and capacity-type lithium batteries, so what is the difference between these two types of lithium batteries? Many people may not be very clear.
1. The voltage is different

In the battery industry, the voltage increases, the corresponding output voltage will also increase, so that the power lithium battery pack can meet some high-power equipment; and the direct effect of the parallel mode is to make the current of the entire battery pack Increase, and the capacity is affected by the current at the output end, so the direct effect of parallel connection is to increase the capacity of the lithium battery pack. The capacity of the battery pack connected in this way tends to be relatively large, which is the so-called capacity type lithium Battery.

2. Different products applied

Some large-scale equipment requires a higher voltage value, because the low-power battery pack can not run, so it is necessary to choose the power-type lithium battery pack. For example, for the electric bicycles we usually use, the voltage value it requires is often 48V. Compared with some situations in our lives, 48V is not small. Therefore, power-type lithium battery packs must be used to ensure the operation of electric bicycles. However, we usually go to some large supermarkets or shopping malls, some sign lights and backup power supplies. Because these devices do not consume much power, they generally use capacity-type lithium battery packs. The application of the products is different between the two. of.
lithium batteries
3. Different internal resistance

The internal resistance of power-type lithium batteries is smaller than that of capacity-type lithium batteries. Taking 18650 lithium battery packs as an example, manufacturers with good 3 rate discharge generally have PDC, and the internal resistance is about 40; 5 rate discharge generally does not have PDC. The internal resistance is about 20.

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