What is a  soft pack lithium battery?

The soft pack lithium battery is only a case of the liquid lithium battery. With the use of aluminum-plastic film packaging structure, once there is a safety risk, the soft-packed lithium battery will mostly just vent and crack.

Advantages of soft pack lithium battery pack.

1. The soft pack battery with good safety factor, unlike the aluminum shell aluminum shell lithium battery cell.

2. Lightweight soft pack lithium battery is 40% lighter than aluminum shell lithium battery of the same volume, and 20% lighter than aluminum shell rechargeable battery.

3. The capacity of the soft-packed lithium battery pack with large volume is 10~15% higher than that of the aluminum shell battery of the same specification and 5~10% higher than that of the aluminum shell rechargeable battery.

4. The internal resistance of the soft-pack battery core is smaller than that of lithium batteries. At this stage, the internal resistance of the domestic soft-pack battery core is as small as 35mΩ or less, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the rechargeable battery.

5. The appearance design of the soft pack lithium battery can be customized according to customer satisfaction, and new lithium batteries can be developed and designed.

The production of soft-packed lithium batteries improves the indoor space: the soft-packed lithium batteries use winding processing technology, and the production and manufacturing process management regulations are high. In China, the processing technology for manufacturing hard pack lithium batteries is not perfect, the standardization level is not high, the consistency of rechargeable batteries is weak, and the raw material aluminum plastic film depends on imports, resulting in relatively high product costs. However, in the future development trend, because of the required drivers, this bottleneck problem will be completed according to industrialized manufacturing, automated production, improving the intelligent management system of rechargeable batteries, and improving the quality of aluminum-plastic film.

Plastic soft package lithium battery structure: Plastic soft package lithium battery has become popular in China at this time. On the one hand, with the improvement of technology and the influx of assets, the advantages of soft package lithium batteries have been highlighted, especially in terms of specific energy. In addition, because of the prevalence of the passenger vehicle sales market in China, especially overseas auto companies' "favorite" hard-packed ternary power lithium batteries, it has greatly stimulated the market sales of soft-packed batteries.

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