Advantages of soft-pack polymer lithium-ion batteries

Soft-pack polymer lithium-ion batteries are more and more favored by users, and more and more products begin to use flexible polymer lithium-ion batteries. So, what are the advantages of flexible polymer lithium-ion batteries?

First, flexible polymer lithium-ion batteries are safer and do not explode compared to conventional batteries. If there is a problem with the product, it is just a gas drum, not a safety hazard.
The second is more stable performance to protect the performance of electronic products. Since the soft-pack polymer lithium-ion battery is made of colloidal electrolyte, it has stable discharge characteristics and a high discharge plateau.

Third, the internal resistance of the soft-pack polymer lithium-ion battery is low. Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Jie Bearing Electronics produces flexible packaging polymer lithium-ion batteries whose content can reach less than 40m, effectively reducing power consumption, and has also reached international standards.

4. The thickness of the soft-packed polymer lithium-ion battery can reach 2mm, and it occupies a small space, which not only reduces its own space, but also reduces the equipment space.

Flexible polymer batteries are lighter and easier to carry. The polymer battery is 50% lighter than the steel case lithium-ion battery of the same capacity and 30% lighter than the aluminum case battery.

6. The flexible polymer battery has a large capacity. Polymer batteries have large capacities and can be designed in different sizes, shapes and capacity parameters. Its characteristic is that almost all mobile phones will use flexible polymer batteries.