➢ The electrolyte is very easy to absorb water, and the electrolyte is stored in an environment with a moisture content of 10ppm
After 10 days, the moisture content is greater than 80ppm, and the moisture content is 50ppm
After 5 days of storage in the environment, the moisture content is greater than 200ppm;
➢ Water easily reacts with lithium salts to produce HF, which affects the overall performance of the battery;
➢ Water decomposes at ~2V(vsLi/Li+) potential;
➢ The development of lithium salt/water stabilizer can significantly reduce the impact of water on battery performance, from
The anti-interference ability of the electrolyte is improved, and the requirements of the electrolyte for the environment are reduced.
It is beneficial to the industrialization of power lithium-ion batteries.