According to the report "Charging Surplus: Is Lithium Sufficient for the New Economy" held by the Russian Exhibition Fund held by Satellite News Agency, Russia is facing a shortage due to the lack of domestic production and partners' refusal to supply lithium to the Russian market, but Russia has a large amount of lithium reserves and may in the future Enter the world's top five producing countries through the development of domestic mining areas within 10 years.

"By developing its existing mines, Russia could enter the top five lithium producers in the next decade, behind Chile, Argentina, China and Australia," the report said. If the technology developed by Russia to extract lithium from solution pays off, output could will grow further."

According to expert data, Russia has large lithium ore reserves, accounting for 10% of global reserves.

The author of the report pointed out: "The reserves in the lithium balance sheet identified in the ores of 14 mining areas in Russia are 3.5 million tons of lithium oxide, and about 1 million tons are in the national balance sheet reserves."

At the same time, according to the data of the Russian Exhibition Fund, there is a serious shortage of lithium in the Russian market. Russia has been completely dependent on imported lithium since the closure of a mine in Krasnoyarsk Krai in 1997.

The expert explained: “Since then, self-mining has not been carried out. When Argentina and Chile refused to supply Russia with lithium last year, Russia encountered difficulties in import procurement.”