1. All solid-state lithium battery

All-solid-state lithium battery is a kind of lithium battery that uses solid electrodes and solid electrolyte. Solid-state batteries generally have low power density and high energy density. Because of the relatively high power and weight of solid-state batteries, it is an ideal battery for electric vehicles.

In addition to its safety superior to traditional lithium batteries, all-solid-state lithium batteries have a great advantage, that is, the charging and discharging cycle life is very long, up to 45,000 times, and 95% of the initial capacity is preserved. This allows other The types of batteries are beyond the reach.

2. Lithium-air battery

The advantage of lithium-air battery lies in its huge theoretical energy storage capacity. It is by far the energy storage device with the largest energy density, which is comparable to gasoline.

In this way, all-solid-state lithium batteries may be commercially available much earlier than lithium-air batteries.

1) Continue to develop a more stable electrolyte system to reduce the accumulation of by-products caused by electrolyte decomposition; at the same time, electrolyte additives will become an effective method to stabilize the system and improve performance.

2) Continue to deeply understand the reaction mechanism of lithium-air batteries, which has a good guiding effect on how to choose electrolyte system and positive/negative electrode materials.

3) Research and improve lithium-air battery cathode materials, further reduce the overvoltage platform, and improve the charging and discharging efficiency. This is an important factor in the promotion of lithium-air batteries to market applications.

4) Research on new anode materials for lithium-air batteries to improve battery safety and stability.

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