What should I do if the lithium battery expands due to heat?
Lithium battery swelling, which is commonly known as bulging, is because the internal positive and negative chemical materials are short-circuited, super current, internal puncture short-circuit and other reasons, which cause rapid changes in internal chemical substances, and the internal gas generates gas due to high temperature. , And the battery is a highly sealed product, this generated gas cannot be discharged, only the expansion of the shell deformation, has produced a larger space to store the gas. The bottom and sides of the battery are thicker than the front and back, and the area is smaller, so the drum is played on the front and back.
This kind of drum-up lithium battery is basically unusable. The load capacity becomes worse, and it will be fully charged at once on a business trip, but it will not be charged when you call, or the use time is very short. Phenomenon.
There is electrolyte in the lithium battery. After multiple re-discharges, part of the electrolyte decomposes to produce gas, which causes the battery to expand. Do not use lithium batteries with severe swelling. The current commercial lithium batteries are basically all electrolytes configured with lithium hexafluorophosphate. When the temperature is high, they begin to decompose, chemically react with the solution, and release gases such as carbon dioxide. The development of lithium salts for new electrolytes cannot be overcome for the time being. Try not to use it for a long time at high temperature.

What are the reasons for the swelling of lithium batteries?
1. Overdischarge and overcharge of lithium battery;
2. Micro short circuit, that is, the diaphragm is damaged, which leads to partial contact between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery;
3. Continuous floating charge of lithium battery at high temperature causes side reactions in the electrolyte, and high-rate charge and discharge at high temperature. This problem will not occur for civilian use;
4. Charging at low temperature is actually a micro-short circuit caused by lithium piercing the diaphragm;
5. The aluminum plastic film of the outer packaging is corroded;
6. If the vacuum is not clean, or the mobile phone battery is used in a high altitude environment, the mobile phone batteries are all soft packaging, which has a great impact.

How to repair the lithium battery after being heated and swollen?
The lithium battery swells and is scrapped. For safety reasons, there is no need to repair it. It is recommended that the battery be handed over to the recycling company for recycling. Lithium polymer batteries will generate gas after they are used for a long time, so they will swell. In severe cases, the seal will leak. If you find that your battery is bulging, for safety reasons, you should stop using it and replace it with a new one.

When the lithium battery is in use, the number of charging and discharging is too many, which will cause bloating. At this time, the internal structure of the battery has been damaged, and the standby time will be much shorter. To avoid bulging of the lithium battery, you must first develop good usage habits, such as using the original charger to charge the phone as much as possible, or the accessory charger approved by the brand.

A long time ago, the lithium battery needed to be deeply discharged and charged three times to maximize the power of the battery, but now the new type of lithium battery has no memory effect and does not need to be over-discharged and over-charged. In addition, there is no need to charge for a long time, and the lithium battery will automatically stop charging after it is fully charged. As long as the battery is charged in time before the battery is exhausted, do not wait for the battery to be charged when the battery is completely shut down. This will cause the lithium battery to over discharge and cause the lithium battery to drop.

Three ways to repair mobile phone lithium battery
1. Use a clean eraser or cleaning tools of other materials to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium battery and the metal contacts on the mobile phone, which will help the charging status and the long-lasting power.
2. Wrap the old mobile phone lithium battery that is used for automatic shutdown with plastic wrap, and try to be as compliant as possible when wrapping it. There are three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum state. Then, wrap three layers of newspaper outside the plastic wrap to completely seal the lithium battery. Put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, after 48 hours, take out the batteries, and remove the six layers of paper film wrapped one by one. The lithium battery has no surface expansion or deformation due to freezing. After cooling for a period of time, then charge.
3. Let the lithium battery that is close to being scrapped completely discharge, and then recharge the battery to activate it. The specific method is: deep discharge of the mobile phone is to achieve a deeper recharge by depleting the internal electric energy, which requires some unconventional methods. Use a specific device to connect the mobile phone to a low-voltage small light bulb, and the power inside the battery will be transferred to the small light bulb until all is discharged.

The above is the repair method after the thermal expansion of the lithium battery. Lithium batteries are now very popular. Experts warn that the price of lithium batteries is not too high. Instead of laboriously repairing lithium batteries, it is more convenient and cost-effective to buy a new battery. In addition, developing good usage habits is also a shortcut to extend the life of lithium batteries.

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