In the daily use of energy storage products, there is usually a mentality that the battery does not need maintenance and does not pay too much attention to it, but if the lithium-ion battery UPS is not used and maintained in the correct way, the battery life will be shortened. On the basis of matching standard batteries, the batteries must be properly protected and used.

Be sure to maintain a suitable temperature to ensure the normal operation of the lithium-ion battery UPS. For a general battery, it should be ensured that the temperature of its environment is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Although we understand that a higher temperature can effectively help improve the discharge capacity of the battery, it must be noted that the increase in temperature It will also lead to a reduction in battery life. In addition, if the external ambient temperature is too high, the internal chemical reaction rate of the battery will also increase, which in turn will promote the rate of ambient temperature rise. Thus affecting normal use.

UPS power supply has gradually become the protector of important equipment. Due to the uncertainty of the state of the UPS lithium-ion battery, the system is paralyzed, important data is lost, and the consequences are unimaginable. Groups are very important.