On the evening of October 20, Yiwei Lithium Energy issued an announcement saying that the company's subsidiary Yiwei Lithium Energy Malaysia Co., Ltd. plans to invest in the cylindrical lithium battery manufacturing project with its own and self-raised funds, and the investment amount does not exceed 422.3 million US dollars (approximately US$422.3 million). 3.061 billion yuan).
The announcement shows that the cylindrical lithium battery manufacturing project mainly produces cylindrical lithium-ion power tools, two-wheelers and cleaning tool battery products. The project site is located in Malaysia and will be constructed in phases with a construction period of not more than three years.
The main body of this investment is Yiwei Lithium Energy Malaysia, and Yiwei Lithium Energy holds 100% of its equity through its subsidiary Yiwei Asia Co., Ltd.
Yiwei Lithium Energy said that the project will rely on domestic manufacturing advantages and operating experience to build a production base in Malaysia, and build a new 21700-type ternary cylindrical battery production capacity to support electric two-wheelers and power tool manufacturers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The investment will further promote the smooth progress of the company's overseas business, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness and global market share in the electric two-wheeled vehicle and power tool market, and will have a positive effect and far-reaching significance for the company to improve its global industrial layout.

Large cylindrical battery is the main direction of future development

The Battery Alliance has learned that cylindrical batteries can be divided into two categories: small cylinders and large cylinders. The mainstream of small cylindrical batteries is 21700 cylindrical batteries with a diameter of 21 mm. The cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46 mm is the main development direction of the current large cylindrical battery.
Yiwei Lithium Energy has been developing and manufacturing cylindrical batteries for many years, starting from the production and manufacturing of lithium primary batteries, and gradually extending to consumer and power energy storage cylindrical batteries, such as 18 series, 21 series and 46 series cylindrical batteries, and has 46 series of cylindrical batteries. The technical capability of large cylindrical battery industrialization.

Since the beginning of this year, Yiwei Lithium Energy has deployed cylindrical batteries many times:
In March, Yiwei Lithium Energy stated that the company or its affiliated entities intend to establish a power battery manufacturing plant in Hungary, which will produce a new type of cylindrical power battery.
In April, Yiwei Power, a subsidiary of Yiwei Lithium Energy, was selected by Chengdu Dayun as the development supplier of the whole package project of Dayun automobile power battery using 46 series large cylindrical cells.
On August 2, Yiwei's first system product equipped with self-developed 46 series large cylindrical batteries was successfully rolled off the pilot line of the research institute.
On the evening of August 11, Yiwei Lithium Energy announced that it plans to raise no more than 9 billion yuan to invest in power storage lithium-ion battery capacity construction projects (including passenger car lithium-ion power battery projects and HBF16GWh passenger car lithium-ion battery projects). ion power battery project) and supplementary working capital. Yiwei Lithium Energy mentioned in the announcement that the 46 series of large cylindrical batteries produced by the "passenger vehicle lithium-ion power battery project" is a further expansion and extension of the company's original 18 series and 21 series cylindrical batteries. The pilot production of large cylinder system products has been completed through the pilot line, and mass sales have not yet been achieved.
In September, Yiwei Lithium Energy announced that its subsidiary Hubei Yiwei Power Co., Ltd. received a designated letter from BMW Group, Germany, and will provide large cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for the BMW Group’s Neue Klasse series models.
The large cylindrical battery is the main direction of the future development of Yiwei Lithium Energy. The company has stated that in terms of cylindrical batteries, the company has deployed two large cylindrical batteries, 46800 and 46950, and is expected to release 20GWh of production capacity in 2023 and 40GWh in 2024.