Ternary materials are known as the material of choice for lithium-ion batteries because of their low price and stable performance. Lithium-ion batteries using ternary materials as the positive electrode have many advantages. Lithium-ion batteries have the following characteristics:

1. The positive electrode is a ternary material, and the negative electrode is a mixture of artificial graphite and other advanced negative electrode materials.

2. Laminated flexible packaging technology, this structure has uniform current collection, good heat dissipation, and improved battery rate performance.

3. The diaphragm treated with patented technology improves the safety of the battery body. The single battery and module have undergone safety evaluation tests such as drop, squeeze, acupuncture, hot box, overcharge and overdischarge, and meet my country's relevant battery standards and regulations Require.

4. The special diaphragm material improves the liquid retention capacity and porosity of the diaphragm and reduces the internal resistance of the battery. Charge and discharge at a rate of 1 current, and test with a depth of discharge of 80% of DOD. After 3000 cycles, the capacity can still remain above 85%.

5. The 25Ah power lithium-ion battery has a weight-to-weight ratio of 160Wh/kg, which is more than 30% higher than that of a lithium iron phosphate battery, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle and increase the driving range.

6. When charging and discharging with high current, the polarization is small and the temperature rise is low. The battery can be continuously charged at 3C and discharged at 5C (instantaneous 10C) with high input and output capabilities.

7. Reasonable electrolyte ratio and formula, the battery's discharge temperature range is -20~45℃, and the charging temperature range is 0~45℃.

8. Good battery consistency. The use of multiple patented manufacturing processes and powder pretreatment technology ensure the uniformity of powder mixing and slurry mixing; special chemical formation processes ensure the stability of battery film formation, thereby ensuring the stability of battery batches The battery's performance and the charge storage performance of the battery improve the battery consistency. The battery capacity standard deviation is less than 0.08Ah, and the matching rate is high, which can reduce the system cost.

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