Recently, certified by the National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement and Testing Center, Guangdong Mailuo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved a conversion efficiency of 21.50% on a large-scale perovskite photovoltaic module of 30cm×30cm, which is the highest value reported in the world so far. It is understood that this is Mailuo Energy's second breakthrough in efficiency after obtaining a conversion efficiency of 20.79% at the end of June this year.


The conversion efficiency of perovskite photovoltaic modules usually decreases rapidly with the enlargement of the module area. Meridian Energy uses solvent engineering and additive engineering to precisely control the nucleation and crystallization process of large-area coated perovskite films to achieve A large-grain, highly uniform, and highly dense perovskite film was prepared, and a large-area, high-efficiency trans-perovskite component was obtained.