Tabs are a raw material for lithium-ion polymer battery products. The tabs are divided into three materials. The positive electrode of the battery uses aluminum (Al) material, the negative electrode uses nickel (Ni) material, and the negative electrode also has nickel-plated copper (Ni-Cu) material. become.

The film is the insulating part on the tab. Its function is to prevent the short circuit between the metal tape and the aluminum plastic film when the battery is packaged, and it is heated (about 140 ℃) and the aluminum plastic film is heat-melt sealed to prevent it from being bonded together during packaging. Leaking.

A lug is sandwiched between a metal band by two pieces of film. Currently, there are three types of films used in the market: black glue, white glue and single-layer glue. The commonly used black film has a three-layer structure: melanin, with a melting point of 66°C; PE, with a melting point of 105°C; PP, with a melting point of 137°C. The finished product packaging of the tabs is divided into reel type (the whole metal belt passes through the equipment and the film is wound into a reel) and plate type (the metal belt is added with the film and then cut into a single piece, and then placed in a row for two A thin transparent plastic sheet is sandwiched in the middle).

"Pole" refers to the "pole" in "positive" and "negative", and "ear" refers to the rubber strips used in "positive" and "negative", which are symmetrical like human "ears" on both sides of the metal strip The name is combined with function and image. Taiwan calls "jilu" as "guide handle". Similar to this name, the "shoulder height" and "shoulder width" commonly used in the industry can be regarded as the continuation or continuation of the name "jilu". Subdivision, because the "ear" is difficult to measure the height and width, but the "shoulder" is OK, so the "shoulder height" and "shoulder width" were not named "ear height" and "ear width" later.

To be more precise, the "lug" is a "connected, conductive, and sealed piece". "Connection" refers to the connection between the inside and outside of the battery, the connection between the tab glue and the aluminum-plastic film; "conductive" refers to the electricity drawn out through the tab and generating a loop; "sealing" refers to the sealing and sealing between the rubber strip and the metal strip The seal between the rubber strip and the aluminum plastic film.

It is precisely because the "lug" is a real localization from the beginning, it is not a simple imitation (Sumitomo has an automatic hot-rolled lug from the beginning, and a manual plate-type hot-pressed lug in China), high frequency The self-winding lug is also the complete localization of lug equipment in the true sense. The nano-chemical treatment of the surface of the metal strip of the lug, especially the nano-chemical treatment of the surface of the nickel lug, is the innovation of the domestic lug, which forces Sumitomo The lug has to learn and adopt from the domestic lug. Although it is adopted, the surface treatment of the metal strip has not been solved well. In this respect, there is still a certain gap compared with the domestic lug.