1) If your battery does not have a protective plate, the three wires are: the red wire is the positive pole, the black wire is the negative pole, and the other color wires are the middle pole of the battery. These three wires are connected to the main board of your product, and the middle pole is Give your product motherboard to monitor the voltage of the lithium battery.

2) If your battery has a protection board, the three wires are: the red wire is the positive electrode of the battery, the black wire is the negative electrode of the battery, the other colors are the NTC (thermistor) of the protection board, and the thermistor is for the main board to detect the lithium battery. The temperature of the battery or the type of battery. Of course, you know these things best. Asking others is to answer a lot of things, because your questions make people have a lot of guesses. Of course, in addition to these two, it may be much better. For example, there is a line that is the equalizing charging line of the battery, the data signal line. And so on, if you know exactly the operation of the three lines, please tell me where the three lines are connected?

With the decline in the price of lithium batteries, many areas on the market are now beginning to use lithium batteries to replace the original lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc. Due to the active nature of lithium ions, the use of lithium batteries must be protected by a protective plate to prevent lithium The battery is overcharged, over-discharged, and over-current.

The cable must be connected correctly, and the wrong cable will burn the protection board, so check the voltage of each string of batteries through the voltage to ensure that the cable is not connected incorrectly.

If it is an old battery, the voltage difference of each battery string is greater than 0.1V. The battery string with a large difference is likely to have virtual electricity, and the capacity and resistance have changed, which will form the short board effect of the barrel, resulting in over-charging and over-charging protection. The over-discharge and overcharge protection is simply understood as the short battery life and short use time in application scenarios such as electric vehicles.

The protection board protects each string of batteries, and any string of overcharge or overdischarge will cause protection. If it is a 4s lithium battery, it is 0, 3.7, 7.4, 11.1, 14.8, 5 different potentials. If it is a protected version, the red two wires and the black two wires should be internally short-circuited, and the two wires are used to increase the current. White is the flag bit of the protection chip. After protection, it is high battery, and when it is not protected, it is low. Lithium batteries have 5 wires, two red, two black, and one white. What are the definitions?

Unstable three-phase voltage can cause heat or even burn out the motor. Because a three-phase motor is a three-phase balanced load, that is, the impedance of each phase load is equal. When the power supply is a symmetrical three-phase voltage, the current flowing through each phase load is equal, but the power supply When it is asymmetrical three-phase voltage, the current flowing through each phase load is not equal, and the current in one phase load will become higher (may be far beyond the rated value), so the phenomenon you described appears.

The two-wire DC motor is internally connected (such as a shunt motor) or only two wires are needed (such as a toy da); one of the three-wire DC motors is a common wire, and the other two are armatures. And excitation wire (such as series motor of electric tricycle).

First of all, the Ni-MH battery charger is charged by pulse! The voltage is about 1.5V! But the 18650 lithium battery needs to be charged with 4.2V constant current and constant voltage! It can be changed with a mobile phone charger!

Yes, there is a goose for testing. Ask again: Does the system firmware think that there is a problem with the battery? Answer again: If it is from the Celestial Dynasty, it will be fine, just pay attention to the positive and negative poles. There may be chip testing in foreign countries.