Thanks to technology, innovation, and manufacturers, we are able to pick the batteries we would like to use. That’s where the dilemma happens though. Many people end up being confused due to the unlimited options given to them. If the said case is happening to you, then don’t worry! We are here to discuss what battery lasts the longest. So no need to worry about getting the right battery, because we will give you the list of the right batteries for you!


What kind of batteries lasts the longest?


If getting the best and most long-lasting battery is what you need, then AA alkaline battery is the best option there is. First, let’s take a look at the properties of AA batteries. AA batteries are known for their large capacity. Their capacity is so big, it’s three times the capacity of AAA batteries. If you pick the right AA battery brand, it can last all the way for twenty years!



If AA battery has a large capacity, is alkaline properties still needed then? If you want the most long-lasting battery, yes it is needed.


To make it simple, electricity is needed for the battery’s lifespan, and the electricity is created by the changing of chemicals. More changing chemicals mean more electricity, which also means more lifespan.


How does alkaline come into this? Alkaline batteries are made of potassium hydroxide,the basic component needed to neutralize acid-forming salts. They also fare better when it comes to changing chemicals, making their alkaline batteries last longer compared to other batteries.


From here, we can conclude that AA battery is one of the batteries that last the longest. However, if you have alkaline AA batteries, they would last even longer than the usual AA batteries…. Unless it’s lithium AA batteries.


You must be surprised reading the last paragraph when the word “lithium AA batteries” entered the fray. As implied by the statement above, the lithium AA battery is another battery that is considered as long-lasting as alkaline batteries, sometimes even longer.


No need to worry about their qualities, as both alkaline and lithium batteries are superior in their own ways.


Pros and cons of alkaline batteries


Alkaline batteries can really go all the way when it comes to lifespan. If they are taken care of properly, they will be able to last for 20 years. If you purchase rechargeable ones, you will also prevent having more waste. Besides, their charger can also charge NiMH batteries which is a pretty neat trick.


The only con of rechargeable alkaline batteries is its drain system. They can’t keep up with high drain objects, as high drain objects can deplete AA batteries’ energy.


Pros and cons of lithium batteries


Lithium batteries have plenty of pros. First, they can rival alkaline batteries’ lifespan. In fact, they can last even longer than alkaline batteries. Second, they can withstand extreme temperatures. So if your objects tend to switch back and forth from cool hot temperature (easily heated up), then lithium batteries are the perfect batteries for you.


Unfortunately, the standard lithium batteries cannot be charged. Once you’re done with them, you have no other choice but to throw them away. However, we are sure that one day we will get rechargeable lithium batteries.


As you can see, none of the batteries better each other. Everything depends on your and your device’s needs.


Which brand of AA battery lasts the longest?


Now that you know what type of battery you need, it’s time to purchase your AA batteries. In this article, we’ll give some brand recommendations you should check out.


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