Nowadays, smartphones take up almost most of our time, whether it’s walking on the road, waiting for the bus, or waking up, or before falling asleep, whether it’s using mobile phones to watch dramas or chat, or use mobile phones to pay for purchases. Everyone uses mobile phones more and more frequently, and the time is getting longer and longer. In addition, nowadays mobile phones have large screens and consume much more power. Many mobile phones cannot be charged once a day for heavy use.

I believe that many people have battery anxiety, and they will plug in their mobile phones as soon as they arrive at home or in the office, for fear that they will be out of the house suddenly and the battery power of the mobile phone is insufficient. According to the research of big data, when the mobile phone battery is less than 50%, more than 60% of users become anxious, and less than 20%, 90% of users become very anxious. We all know that the large screen of smart phones, system operation, etc. are constantly consuming power, and the current common solution is to increase the battery capacity to ensure the endurance, so as to keep it in an uninterrupted state at all times. But just relying on large-capacity batteries, does the mobile phone have a long battery life?

Moreover, in some tests, we can also feel that large-capacity batteries can indeed bring longer standby time or use time. But although it seems that large-capacity batteries are very important, it does not mean everything. Mobile phone hardware, especially the power consumption of the CPU, as well as the power-saving optimization mechanism of the operating system, and the power consumption of the large screen, etc., will affect the mobile phone’s performance. Life time. Many mobile phones have not achieved the ideal battery life after increasing the battery capacity.

Therefore, lithium batteries are not necessarily high-capacity batteries with strong endurance. We must also pay attention to the power consumption of the CPU and the power-saving technology of the system. If the mobile phone has both a large-capacity battery and a low-power processor, it can achieve high performance and low power consumption, starting from both hardware and software, and truly achieving long battery life.

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