Many families now have Electric Vehicles, but many people don't know how to charge them. As a result, they often fail to buy a new car for one or two years. This is directly related to not knowing how to charge.

Before using the lead-acid electric vehicle for the first time, it must be fully charged for 12 hours and charged frequently. Assuming that your car can ride for 100 miles with a full charge, you must charge it after riding for about 70 miles. If you ride for 30 miles every day, it will be beneficial and harmless every day. Under normal circumstances (not often taking people, not climbing all day), it is best to charge at 60%-70% of the longest continuous mileage in the manual, which can avoid the phenomenon of early battery capacity loss, or Avoid over-discharge.

1. After buying a car (or changing the battery), the battery should have about 80% of the power, and it should be charged when you get home. The appropriate time is 4 hours after the charger turns on the light. This takes three times.

2. If you often take people and climb hills, it is recommended to charge up to 50% of the longest mileage in the manual.

3. If you seldom drive and do not drive to 60%-70% of the longest mileage in a week, it is recommended to charge it once.

4. If you go out or do not open it for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once a month.

5. In any case, the charging time should not exceed 8 hours, especially the situation mentioned at 3 and 4, let alone more than 5 hours.

6. Once it is found that the charger does not turn to the green light or turns to the green light as soon as it is charged, be sure to check whether there is a problem with the charger or the loss of water.

7. The discharge port and charging port of the entire battery pack should be kept clean at all times to prevent copper rust from appearing on the contact points, resulting in poor contact and overheating and damage.

8. If there are pedals, try to start with your feet, do not load too much, and accelerate gently. Don't start the electric start when you get in the car.

A set of batteries can be used for more than 5 years under the condition of correct charging and normal maintenance. Many users only use 1-2 years to replace them, mainly caused by improper charging. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct charging method. Remember that the battery is not a worn-out battery, but a bad-charged battery.