1. Compared with traditional fossil fuels, hydrogen-fueled lithium-ion batteries use electrochemical reactions. When energy is supplied, only water and heat are generated. However, traditional fossil fuels will produce various toxic and harmful gases and dusts, which are a great tool for environmental sanitation.

2. Compared with other traditional batteries, the hydrogen fuel lithium ion battery is a kind of power generation device, and the traditional battery only has the function of storing electric energy. Hydrogen fuel electromagnetism is the same as a generator, which directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy, which is much better than traditional batteries in terms of convenience.

3. The energy conversion rate of hydrogen fuel lithium ion battery is high. Generally, the energy conversion induced by combustion is only over 30%, while the energy conversion rate of hydrogen fuel lithium ion battery reaches an astonishing 80%. Using fewer resources to get more energy, it must be a more cost-effective hydrogen fuel lithium ion battery.


1. The safety of hydrogen; although hydrogen is favored by the public as a new energy source in the future, the safety of hydrogen is still worthy of attention, although various studies have stated that the safety factor of hydrogen is higher than that of gasoline. However, there are still many people who think that hydrogen cylinders are just a drug, so the promotion of hydrogen fuel still requires vigorous publicity.

2. There are not many sources of hydrogen: Because there is not much hydrogen in the earth's air, although hydrogen can be obtained by electrolysis of water, it is not a very economical way to generate hydrogen by consuming electricity. Of course, if the industry is scaled up, costs will naturally fall, and there is still a long way to go.

3. High technology threshold for hydrogen fuel lithium ion batteries: my country’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years, but many high-tech industries are still very weak, and hydrogen fuel lithium ion batteries require absolutely no investment. Therefore, my country is in hydrogen fuel lithium ion batteries. In this area, there has not been any substantial progress, and it will only be reaped if vigorous investment is needed.