In order to provide the endurance of mobile devices, researchers have been making unremitting efforts. Recently, a professor in Singapore invented a miniature battery management chip, which can not only speed up the charging speed, but also improve the safety of the battery.

According to reports, this chip was developed by Professor Rachid Yazami of Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore. It can monitor potential faults in the battery and warn users when there is a risk. Because it is more than a coin, it can be easily integrated into a smartphone. Of course, it also applies to other products that rely on lithium-ion batteries, such as electric cars.

Current electronic devices use chips to detect the voltage and temperature of the battery, but they cannot measure the health of the battery. Due to the lack of relevant data, the battery will always be charged at a relatively low standard speed to prevent accidental damage.

But Yazami's chip can use electrochemical thermodynamic measurement technology to accurately monitor the health and charging status of the battery, and with this data, the chip can ensure that each battery is charged safely and faster.

"In addition to understanding the degree of battery degradation, our technology can also distinguish the specific charging state of the battery and optimize the charging based on it. This improves the charging speed while maintaining the battery in the best condition," Yazami The professor said, "I hope that every battery in the future can have this chip, which can not only reduce the risk of battery fire, but also extend their life cycle."

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