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Q:What is special about lithium batteries?

A:With high energy density, it has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries. Long service life, life span can reach more than 6 years. Light weight, the weight is about 1/5-6 of the lead-acid product under the same volume


Q:What is a lithium battery used for?

A:Lithium battery use for power and energy storage. Like emergency power backup or UPS. Dependable electric and recreational vehicle power,golfcart,reliable and light-weight marine,solar power storage,surveillance or alarm systems in remote locations.


Q:What is the difference between a lithium battery and a lithium-ion battery?

A:It mostly comes down to the fact that lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable while lithium batteries are single-use. Lithium battery have a higher energy density than lithium ion batteries.



Q:Which battery is better alkaline or lithium?

A:Lithium batteries are lighter than alkaline batteries, so they offer an advantage when used with portable devices, especially cordless power tools.A lithium battery can be used as a high-performing alternative to a standard alkaline battery. Lithium battery designed to last longer,making them a good choice for high-tech and smart devices. They can withstand extreme low temperatures. Lithium can operate without failing in a very cold climate, so it’s ideal for outdoor applications.


Q:What is a disadvantage of lithium batteries?

A:High cost--The production of lithium batteries can be a rather expensive affair. The overall production cost of these batteries is around 50% higher than lead-acid battery.

Protection required--Lithium-ion cells and batteries are not as robust as some other rechargeable technologies, they require protection from being over charged and discharged.

Transportation problems--Lithium ion battery disadvantages has come to the fore in recent years. A lot of restrictions are in place for the transportation of lithium-ion batteries especially large quantities by air.

Deep discharge--Lithium-ion battery has low self-discharge. The general integrity of this battery remains intact even if partially discharged. However,deep discharge or when voltage of a lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, it becomes unusable.

Sensitivity to high temperature--Lithium-ion battery is susceptible to the downside of too much heat caused by overheating of the device or overcharging. Heat causes the cells or packs of this battery to degrade faster than normally.


Q:What is a advantage of lithium batteries?

A:Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life span and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. LiFePO4 batteries often come with a higher price tag, but a much better cost over the life of the product. No maintenance and super long life make them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.


Drop-in replacement

Light weight

Longest life

More usable capacity

Constant power

Temperature Tolerant

Charging-Fast & Safe

Long shelf life

Maintenance Free


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