Lithium batteries are divided into lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries is fluid, so it is more unstable than lithium-polymer batteries. Using substandard chargers or being beaten by external forces is very likely to cause safety hazards. Many portable electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers use lithium batteries. In other words, many people have a "bomb" by their side. For safety reasons, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

1. Is there a clear indication of the capacity?
Batteries that do not have a clearly marked capacity are likely to be returned to the market after the illegal manufacturers use inferior batteries or recycled batteries for violence. Many cheap batteries on the market are made of recycled battery cores. Although the price is cheap, the lifespan is short and the quality is unstable. Careless use may damage the phone.

2. Is there a guaranteed standby time?
Standby time refers to the continuous use time after the battery is installed in the mobile phone to the next charging. Generally, the batteries sold on the market cannot guarantee the standby time for customers. This is because the material of the battery itself is unstable. Many cheap batteries use poor quality battery cores, so the standby time is very short.

3. Whether to install a safety protection circuit board
Without a protective circuit board, the lithium battery is at risk of deformation, leakage and explosion. Under the fierce competition of peers, various companies seek protection circuit boards at lower prices, thus ignoring the safety protection devices of lithium batteries, so that lithium batteries with potential explosion safety hazards flow in the market. Consumers cannot tell whether the lithium battery has a protective circuit board from the appearance. Shenzhen Puxun Battery Company reminds consumers that it is best to choose a reputable business to buy.