JUNLEE energy storage lithium battery

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Our advantages:
🔹Adopt brand A-grade batteries (GOTION Tech/EVE/BYD/CATL/lISHEEN, etc.).
🔹Guoxuan Technology is the only battery agent in South China (reliable quality and better cost).
🔹Compatible with many mainstream inverter brands (Guriwatt, Deye, GoodWe, Shouhang, Sorotec, Pylon, etc.).
🔹Manufacturer with ISO9000 certification

Advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries

--Lithium battery high density, small size and light weight.
--The cycle life is more than 10 times that of lead-acid batteries.
--Faster charging
--No need for regular maintenance
--Lithium battery does not contain heavy metals and is more environmentally friendly
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