What are the functions of the communication between the energy storage battery and the inverter?
The inverter can read the SOC information of the energy storage battery through the data line connected to the battery. And in the working state, the battery can be charged and discharged through the read battery SOC data. For example, during discharge operation, when the inverter detects that the battery SOC is lower than the set minimum value, the inverter will actively cut off the battery output. When charging, the inverter detects that the SOC value of the battery tends to be saturated, and the inverter will automatically stop charging at this time. If there is no communication between the two, the charging and discharging status of the battery is only controlled by the BMS protection board of the battery itself. In the state of no communication, the normal charging and discharging work of the inverter and the battery will not be affected.
The main role of communication:
1. The inverter can read the battery SOC information through the data line.
2. The inverter can actively control the charge and discharge of the battery.
What preparations need to be made for the communication between the inverter and the energy storage battery?
1. The inverter needs to be compatible with the battery (communication protocols match each other)
2. Dedicated communication data line (communication between different brands mainly includes RS-485 and CAN interfaces, and their interface line sequences are different)

Communication advantages of JUNLEE energy storage battery:
1. JUNLEE energy storage batteries are compatible with 70% of mainstream inverter brands in the market.
2. The BMS protection board has its own research and development team, and can provide adaptation services independently if the customer can provide the communication protocol.
3. The latest BMS protection board, the communication method is more convenient, and the corresponding communication protocol can be selected by dialing the dial switch outside the battery. There is no need to set up in advance, and log in to the host computer on the battery side for debugging.