Although electric vehicles can be said to be one of the most concerned new energy vehicles at present, there are actually other categories of new energy vehicles, such as hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery vehicles. Recently, General Motors and the U.S. Military TARDEC Vehicle Research and Development Engineering Center announced that they will jointly develop hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery vehicles. In the next twelve months, they will try to combine hydrogen fuel-powered lithium batteries with Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks, and carry out strict Military test.

Paul Rogers, director of the TARDEC center, said that hydrogen-fueled vehicles are very concealed vehicles that can be used for special occasions such as investigations. In addition, the water that appears during driving can also play a very critical purpose in some extreme environments.

The hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery will use air and compressed hydrogen to generate water when it is running, and charge the battery with the electrical energy generated during the chemical process, thereby supplying energy for the car.

Combining hydrogen fuel-powered lithium batteries with pickups has many advantages. For example, the electric motor will have higher torque at low speeds, which is very critical for driving in the wild terrain. In addition, hydrogen fuel-powered lithium batteries can also be used to drive other equipment, turning a pickup truck into an energy center.

Of course, the TARDEC Center has not announced what test items will be carried out in the next 12 months, so there is not much information about the details of the hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery board Colorado for the time being. But what is certain is that the military's test items will definitely exceed the standard for daily use.

At the same time, Paul Rogers also said that hydrogen fuel-powered lithium batteries will further increase the limit of this excellent pickup, and their engineers and scientists are also looking forward to the next transformation.