InterSolar Europe is one of the largest and most professional solar energy exhibitions in the world. It will be held at the Munich Exhibition Center in Germany from June 14th to 16th, 2023. This exhibition gathers elites from various industries and has many products. It is an industry event not to be missed. As an energy storage solution provider, Jin Li will present a variety of energy storage products.

With the deepening of the carbon neutrality goals of various countries and the increasing scarcity of power resources in some areas, the clean energy method of photovoltaic + energy storage has become a broad consensus among household users in Europe. Jin Li has been committed to the development and supply of energy storage lithium battery products for a long time. It has not only accumulated profound industry experience, but also its products are exported to many regions around the world.
At this exhibition, we brought a variety of household energy storage products: 12V/24V lithium battery series, 48V rack-mounted/wall-mounted lithium battery series, all-in-one machine. Our products are widely used in various scenarios such as household off-grid/hybrid grid energy storage, commercial energy storage, and RV energy storage batteries. We not only have our own professional BMS development team, product design and development team, but also professional technical engineers to provide you with technical services at any time.
If you plan to participate in this exhibition, you can meet us at B1.550D, we look forward to your visit.
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