With the advantages of higher energy density, higher power density, higher volume density and higher safety, the mass production of cylindrical all-tab batteries is approaching, and the market demand is "imminent".

The full tab process is different from the traditional single/double tab process. It turns the entire positive/negative electrode current collector into a tab, and connects the current collector with the entire area of the battery case or current collector plate, thereby greatly reducing the internal resistance of the battery and The calorific value solves the heating problem of high energy density batteries, meets the performance requirements of fast charging power, and ensures high safety at the same time.

Thanks to the innovation of the all-tab technology, the technical route of cylindrical batteries has once again returned to the public eye. Gaogong Lithium Battery has noticed that the trend of cylindrical batteries with full poles is gradually emerging in many fields, and is facing urgent mass production needs.

The first is the field of power batteries. From the perspective of drive research and development, model planning and battery orders, cylindrical all-tab batteries have become the unanimous choice of Tesla, BMW, GM and other global auto giants. Led by Tesla, cylindrical all-tab batteries are expected to be used in the field of power batteries this year.

The second is in the field of energy storage. With the breakthrough in the mass production of cylindrical all-tab batteries, based on its comprehensive advantages in high-speed manufacturing, production line investment, product flexibility, consistency, safety, and product cost, cylindrical all-tab batteries It is also regarded as the optimal solution for the future home energy storage market.

The third is small power and consumer products. It is reported that an international power tool giant has clearly proposed to shift the 18 and 21 series cylindrical batteries to the full-tab process route; even electronic cigarettes are also exploring the direction of the full-tab process.

From the perspective of the supply side, the technical route of cylindrical full tabs has also been recognized by mainstream lithium battery manufacturers, including power and energy storage batteries such as CATL, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, EVE Lithium Energy, Haichen Energy Storage, and Envision Power. Enterprises have made active layout around the manufacture and mass production of cylindrical all-tab batteries.

It should be pointed out that at present, the mass production difficulties and technical barriers of cylindrical all-tab batteries are mainly stuck in the middle assembly of batteries. Due to the subversive changes in the production process and production equipment of the all-tab process, the technical difficulty has increased significantly.

In other words, the technical trend and market demand of cylindrical all-tab batteries have been clarified, and the assembly line of cylindrical all-tab batteries is expected to become a new growth pole in the lithium battery equipment market. The value of equipment companies that can solve the assembly difficulties of cylindrical all-tab batteries and enable mass production of terminals will be further highlighted.