In daily life, each of us uses lithium battery products every day, such as mobile phones, notebooks, 12V lithium batteries, and these rechargeable batteries are all used for battery charging. What is the lithium element in lithium batteries? How to calculate the lithium content?

In addition, it is very likely that many people do not know that the Civil Aviation Administration of China has a requirement for lithium battery transportation, according to the relevant requirements in the "Aviation Lithium Battery Specification":

1. When a lithium battery in a mechanical equipment or equipment is transported as a suitcase, the volume of the lithium metal composite material or lithium aluminum alloy profile rechargeable battery cannot exceed 2 grams.

2. The rated value of the mechanical energy of the lithium battery cannot exceed 100wh.

3. For large, medium and small lithium batteries with a rated mechanical energy of more than 100WH or less than 160WH, the shipper must allow the shipper to load the vehicle, but the total weight cannot exceed 2 pieces.

4. Mechanical equipment and mechanical equipment equipped with lithium batteries inside can be put in the suitcase for checked luggage, and can also be put in the portable suitcase, leaving only one portable.

lithium battery
Calculating method for lithium content of 12V lithium battery:

If the current capacity (mAh) is marked on the lithium battery, divide the current capacity by 1000 and multiply by it to calculate the net weight of the rechargeable battery. For example, the current capacity of the rechargeable battery is 5000Mah, the lithium content is 5000Mah/1000X=g, and the lithium element is less than 3g, which meets the testing standards.

Tolerable kinetic energy calculation method:

(1) If the nominal working voltage (v) and allowable volume (ah) of the rechargeable battery are known, the rated mechanical energy can be calculated based on the evaluated rated mechanical energy. For example, a 12v20ah lithium battery has a rated kinetic energy of 12×20=240; generally speaking, the rated current and tolerance time are marked in the rechargeable battery.

(2) If only the information mAh (milliampere hour) is displayed on the 12v lithium battery, then the ampere hour (Ah) can be measured by dividing the standard value by 1000. For example, when the nominal voltage of a lithium battery is 3000 mA, the rated kinetic energy is: 3000mAh/1000=2Ah, ×2Ah=11.1Wh.