As a kind of clean and renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world. my country's new energy technology development strategy has begun to focus on vigorously developing wind power, which has also prompted the development trend of the wind power storage lithium-ion battery market. It is also an integral part of the company's entry into the wind energy power storage system industry, and has developed a lithium-ion battery energy storage system for the wind energy storage market at home and abroad.

As the main force of new energy technology for power generation, wind power has encountered a major bottleneck that is the issue of wind curtailment and power restriction. With the rapid development of new energy technology and new energy technology, it has achieved breakthroughs because it can improve the decomposition of power quality and absorb the advantages of waste wind energy consumption. It has obtained new energy technology industries, power engineering joint ventures, power grid companies, etc. The high attention paid to energy storage plants has received unprecedented attention. By this year, wind power will be able to account for 12% of the total output of global power projects, while my country’s wind power will account for 14% of the total global wind power output.

Advantages of lithium-ion battery energy storage in wind power generation:
The core function of wind power storage technology and solar energy storage lithium-ion batteries is to store the electromagnetic energy of wind power system software or solar system software, and supply light, night, and emergency loads to the power system. Wind power storage technology uses lithium iron phosphate batteries as the positive electrode material of the battery.

Service life: ≥1000 times
Charging temperature (℃): 0~45℃
Discharge temperature (℃): -20~60℃
Storage temperature (℃): -20~35℃
Battery temperature protection (℃): 70℃±5℃

The power storage system can quickly and reasonably smooth the fluctuations in the output power factor of the wind power system software when the power grid is operating normally.

With the decrease in the price of lithium-ion batteries, the volume and capacity of lithium-ion batteries have been increased, opening up new sales markets. Some lithium-ion energy storage systems can currently manage and deal with wind and solar power outages for a long time. Lithium phosphate rechargeable battery has the advantages of long life, low cost, high efficiency, good safety factor, convenient basic construction, perfect technology, no pollution, future cost and service life improvement, so its energy storage technology has become the development trend of today's world.

Wind power generation has good technology and relatively low cost of renewable resources. New energy technologies. Solar power and wind power must be stable energy storage devices. High-efficiency energy-relative density lithium-ion batteries happen to do just that.